dawn to dusk

welcome to my life. i am sixteen years old and am trying to take in every sweet and simple moment in my life. i love God. i love family. i love anything vintage. i love photography. i love coffee & i love to smile, alot. i hope you can catch a glimpse of my life through the pages of this blog. come and stay awhile :) // instagram: @rachelbanek // pinterest: rachelbanek // email: r.banek@yahoo.ca . . . . . . . . . . . *all photographs taken by me (unless otherwise stated)

// new blog!

hey guys! for anyone following this blog [ or just stumbling across it ], i have a new blog! My new blog is: http://rbanek.blogspot.ca/

It has many of the same elements as this one, but is definatly improved. that is where i will be blogging regularly from now on : ) I hope you all will check it out!

much love, Rachel 

// welcome, winter

winter is here!

// favourites : albums

I love music. it can change my mood in an instant. it can make me smile, it can make me cry and at times it can even make me laugh. one of my favorite feelings is finding an album that is amazing. not just one or two songs, but discovering that the entirety of the album is near perfection. enjoy : )

The Civil Wars // Barton Hallow
All Sons & Daughters // Season One
John Mayer // Battle Studies
Bon Iver // For Emma, Forever Ago + Calgary
Of Monsters and Men // My Head is an Animal
Mumford & Sons // Sigh No More
Brian and Katie Torwalt //
City and Colour // Something
ADELE // 19

beautiful words // no. 1

first off, i must apologize for the lack of blog posts.  i assure you there are many coming soon! i am just trying to figure out a more regular blog schedule that i can stick to. now, it probably will come as no surprise to many of you that i am addicted to pinterest. i admit it. as much as i love the fashion, the food, and of course, the wedding aspect of pinterest, its the words that really get to me. the sometimes simple, sometimes complicated words that encourage me. drive me. make me smile. this is something new that i will be doing on my blog. weekly, i will be posting some inspiring words via my trusty friend pinterest. i hope you enjoy and i hope you delight in these words as much as i do. (you can find all of them here.)

my dear mumford. you never fail to deliver such beautiful words.

// utterly smitten

today got me thinking about growing old with my love, my best friend, my everything. the cutest old couple sat across from me in Tim Horton’s this morning. the old man joyfully brought her coffee to the small booth by the window. she softly responded with a simple ‘thank you, love’ – both smiling, sitting contently in silence. as they look at each other you can tell that, even after all these years, they are still deeply and madly in love. i can’t help but smile as he makes her laugh and they both light up. it is a simple, reassuring moment that reminds me that love can still remain after years of marriage. it reminds me that one day, maybe soon or maybe not for a long while, he will come along. i cannot wait for the moment that i realize he is the person i will grow beautifully old with. oh how wonderful it will be to wake next to him. to have early morning coffee together – laughing and being smitten with the sheer joy of being in each others presence.

// bits + pieces : hello autumn

[ october ’12 ]

a snapshot into my everyday life. this month has been filled with radiant colors, cozy sweaters and lots of tea. so hello autumn. 

much love, rach.

// when i saw you, i fell in love. you smiled because you knew [ william shakespeare ]

i love when you smile. and i love that you do it often.
i love the gap between your teeth.
i love your hugs.
i love your laugh.
i love your stories.
i love the random pictures you send me of life on the farm.
i love that you love jesus.
i love your clothes.
i love when our eyes meet, even if its only for a quick, sweet moment.
i love the way you smell.
i love that you love your family more than anything.
i love riding in your car.
i love that you will watch scary movies with me.
i love your taste in music.
i love when you say sweet dreams.
i love that you make me laugh. alot.
i love. i love. i love.

they slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.
[ f. scott fitzgerald ]

// oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness.

he and i. when words run dry, he does not try. nor do i. we are on par. he just is. and i just am. and we just are. [Lang Leav]

// thankful.

happy thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians:) it’s times like these that i realize how blessed i really am. i am thankful for amazing family + friends. the love i have been surrounded by and the joyful heart God has given me. i am thankful for a warm home and food on my plate daily. i am thankful for my hard working parents that have provided me with so much. for the opportunity i have to live in a free country. and most of all, i am thankful for jesus’ blood that was shed for me.

eat lots of turkey, and don’t forget to save room for pie : )

// from the pages of my scatterbrained journal . [ july ’12 ]

We all live such busy lives. It’s a rare thing to find myself sitting in silence and solitude – to clear my mind and just be in the presence of God. Every summer at camp we have a retreat of silence. This is a time when we collectively fast and sit in silence. Being an extravert, I love to be around people all the time, but sometimes I forget the importance of personal reflection.

“For man does not live on bread alone.” Fasting is a way for me to really focus on God. To rely on Him to bead my bread – my substance. God is the reason for my existence. The reason why I live and breath everyday. I realize that my life doesn’t always reflect that. He is the giver of life – not only physically but also spiritually.

Looking around at God’s creation makes me realize His power and greatness. The past few conversations among all of us staff have been about the wrath and the discipline of God. I was feeling incredibly down. While God IS a fair and just God, I had forgotten that He is also incomprehensibly loving and merciful. Reading ‘Crazy Love’ by Francis Chan, during the retreat of silence was a much needed reminder of this. God is good. God is righteous. God is love, and His love for us is crazy.

Francis Chan writes, ‘We are slow to listen, quick to speak and quick to become angry.’ [so true!] He then goes on to say, “The wise man comes to God without saying a word and stands in awe of Him.” I can honestly say that I personally do not do this nearly enough. It is rare times like these that I actually sit and admire the greatness of our God. God says to us, be still. This is my goal for the coming months – to spend time in solitude + silence. To listen to Him speak.

Your glory is so beautiful.
I fall into my knees in awe,
And the heart beat of my life,
Is to worship in your light.
Your glory is so beautiful. (Your Glory, by All Sons and Daughters)


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